The way we represent the architectural stages is a little bit different to the way other firms may describe them, we want each stage to be more easily understood. Our Architectural Service is customised to suit the needs of each individual client and project.



We collaborate and imagine together. We then explore and develop design solutions that meet the Client’s needs, respond to the site and satisfy the regulatory requirements. These solutions are communicated to you using our imagery suite. We listen to your feedback before refining the design solution.


We coordinate and collaborate with the Client and consultants to prepare the necessary drawings and reports for the Development Approval (DA) application. Council will assess the application and in most instances, request additional information. As a team we will respond to Council whilst continuing to communicate to you and the consultant team, to ensure we meet the agreed upon success criteria.


The design is progressed in collaboration with the Client and consultant team to incorporate developed design ideas and authority requirements. After Client sign-off, the design is translated to drawings, schedules and a specification that will allow the project to be costed, building permit issued, and then built.


In consultation with the Client, we will establish the procurement method, coordinate the costing process and prepare contract documents. During construction we will ensure that the intent of the documentation is built. This is achieved through regular site visits, where we will instruct, assess and certify the building work in accordance with the documents.



Because we model all our projects in three dimensions with our sophisticated CAD software, we can offer our clients and consultants the use of virtual reality goggles to step inside and explore their building at every project phase. the response so far has been unequivocal; the VR experience is helping people to better understand their project, make decisions, and craft the finishes and interiors down to the finest detail.


We understand that not all projects will be aiming for full Green Star accreditation – but we believe that all projects deserve to be thoughtfully considered and planned for optimal passive design. We will consider building orientation, natural daylighting and ventilation, passive cooling and future adaptability. In these simple but critical ways, we are committed to ensuring good quality design outcomes that achieve real world sustainability.


Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a more specific set of requirements for dwellings intended to house people disabilities and is linked to government’s NDIS funding model, which developers are beginning to take up with gusto. At Elevation Architecture we believe in quality housing for all and we are proud to have a fully accredited SDA assessor on staff.


Our Project Management services cover all project stages, from initiation through to project closure. We believe it is attention to every detail that helps to deliver a unique and successful project. Our focus on the customer drives us to enable the client’s interests and business objectives to be met in the most cost-effective manner. This methodology produces a quality product which provides value, is sustainable and is delivered in the required timeframe.


Our 3D visualisation service is surprisingly affordable and helps you to communicate your ideas in a sharp, vibrant and easy-to-understand manner. We can produce still or animated 3D renders showing your project with all the things that make it look real – like landscaping, sunlight and shadows, furniture, people and vehicles. This can be a powerful marketing tool to help you engage the community, showcase a future fit-out, test finishes, or attract potential buyers or tenants.


Designing for equitable access is not only the right thing to do – it is now a mandatory part of architectural design. Our in-house fully accredited Access Consultant understands the complexity of balancing functionality with compliance across the various regulatory requirements and can assist in projects where creative solutions are needed.


Our creative team of staff love the opportunity to immerse themselves in interior design projects. The interior design of space is often the area that is noticed most by occupants, and when done well it allows the architectural ideas of the whole building to be expressed down to the finest detail. Whether it is interior design or one of our architectural projects, or a stand-alone interiors job, we can offer beautiful, functional and creative solutions.

Arcare Springwood Interior Bedroom

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) is a framework of design guidelines to allow residential dwellings to be easily adapted to challenging user needs and is measured in Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels. This scheme is the industry and nation-wide standard for accessible residential design, and we are positioning ourselves ahead of the curve by offering this service in-house via staff that are fully accredited assessors for LHA.