Throughout his career, Reshen has had diverse experience across a range of projects fields, from high-end residential and multi-residential developments, to mixed-use commercial and industrial buildings, through to education, sports stadiums and aged care projects. This variety combined with over 20 years of post-graduate and international experience makes him an extremely well rounded and accomplished asset within the Elevation Architecture team.

Along with being one of the most proficient architectural technician’s in the office, Reshen is our office BIM Leader who fills the key role of ensuring that our staff members and our software are working as cohesively and as efficiently as possible. Known for being the ‘CAD Master’ and for his great problem-solving ability, Reshen is a very sought-after member of our office.

As an avid cricket and general sports fan, you’ll tend to find him discussing the latest match with his colleagues at the lunch table.


National Diploma of Architecture

Durban University of South Africa


2011 – Present

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1996 – 1998

Elevation Architecture

Complete Urban, Gold Coast

Business Support, Ireland

MT Molly and Associates, Ireland

Business Support, Ireland

Evelyn Duff Architect, Ireland

OMM Design Workshop, Durban, South Africa

Janina Masojada Architects, Durban, South Africa