World Gym

World Gym Baringa (Caloundra) was designed to be the franchises’ premier Australian venue; a 2,000m2 development possessing all the typical facilities as well as a café, creche, physio and posing room for competition preparations.

Positioned on a key site within the Aura Business Park, the buildings’ street presence is enhanced with the extensive use of form-lined tilt-up concrete construction, economically creating articulation throughout the fabric of the façade. The upper floor mezzanine spaces were intentionally planned as a viewing platform down into the main gym areas on the ground floor, creating an arena like atmosphere.

The building incorporates sustainable design through the use of sun shading, filtering natural light to the internals and outdoor spaces whilst reducing heat loads. Other sustainable design inclusions are solar power to assist in the building’s 24/7 operations and rainwater collection for toilet flushing and irrigation.


Dalbert Ton


5,458 M2 (site), 1,985 m2 (GFA)