Thorn Group

Designed in a true and construct collaboration between Client, builder, a consortium of consultants and Elevation Architecture, 79 Proprietary Street Office & Warehouse is a needle in an industrial haystack of traditional industrial developments, situated along the Bulimba Creek bushland and bike trail in Tingalpa.

Upon entering the front gates, the contemporary storage shed that is bookended by architectural forms and materiality is reminiscent of a Manhattan, New York inspired aesthetic with the development staying true to its industrial roots. The leaning second floor balcony of the rear office pulls you deeper into the site revealing a marvelous expression of materiality and engineering, exposing detailed structures and fixings, showcased as features of the exterior.

The rear office is serviced as a separate tenancy with a mid-level meeting room, kitchen and an upper-level private office that has enviable views designed to create picture frames over the tree line of the high reaching Gum trees. A feat of engineering can be seen in the sheer depth of the beams supporting the upper floor office. Internally the rear tenancy provides even more intrigue with a commitment to the expression of structure on a variety of levels. Upon entering the first floor lobby, walking through a Boeing 747 Airplane cowl sunken into the floor demands the center of attention of the space and greets all guest with awe. With internal elements such as elegantly built folded steel stairs, exposed services, polished concrete floors and raw concrete walls, many of the features within the project were purpose built and can be seen around every corner. Features that can only be truly appreciated from up close and personal are what makes the project unique as a high level of craftsmanship is displayed.

Elevation Architecture designed a building that not only provided a functional result for the client and tenant, but also provided a beautifully resolved design that is representative of each parties personal passion and involvement throughout the design and building process.


Greg Adsett