St Patrick’s College Student Office

St Patrick’s College is a secondary boys school catering for approximately 1400 students on a tight yet prime site in Shorncliffe, overlooking the bay. We were engaged to produce the masterplan, which was completed in 2019, and we have an ongoing relationship with the College. To date we’ve delivered the first four stages of the proposed Masterplan, and we are currently working on the next.

The new Student Services Office and Wellness Centre at St Patrick’s College aims to achieve several things at once. It provides a new Student Services Office and Wellness Centre at the Pier Avenue entry, allowing visitors to go to reception before entering the College campus. It makes good use of otherwise underutilised space abutting the site boundary and creates the opportunity to improve the look and feel of the school entry threshold. A hit-and-miss brick screen is a nod to the traditional red brick of the existing school buildings and provides screening to the new first level break-out deck. The spatial planning, particularly of the Wellness Centre, was carried out in very close collaboration with the school and individual staff members due to the specific and sensitive nature of the services.


Greg Adsett


Trish Abel, Ben Lean, Maddy Fitzgerald