St Patrick’s College O’Connor Building

Following the construction of the O’Connor Deck at St Patrick’s College, Elevation Architecture was engaged to revitalise the O’Connor Building learning spaces. The school asked for a ‘Student Hub’ that can be used by their senior students for learning, as well as during their breaks. This was achieved by opening the internal corridors and transforming previously underutilized space into a flexible environment for the students to gather. By opening the internal spaces, a strong interface has now been created between the covered deck and the building’s interior.

Key features of this refurbishment include:

  • The addition of glazed sliding doors between GLAs to allow for greater flexibility of space, student collaboration and natural light.
  • Tiered interior seating to facilitate collaborative and flexible pedagogy.
  • Timber seating with integrated planters to the deck to bring a sense of nature and warmth, encouraging students to occupy the deck for outdoor learning and during their breaks.

Trish Abel


Maddy Fitzgerald