Proprietary Street Warehouse

Neighboring Thorn Groups head office & warehouse, 83 Proprietary Street is another industrial collaboration from Client Jason Thorn and Elevation Architecture, situated along the Bulimba Creek Bushland and bike trail in Tingalpa.

The original site was hoe to an existing warehouse with an office and mezzanine within the building. In November 2022 demolition began and the building was gutted leaving only the shell with the front façade and roof also being removed. Shortly after, construction began, and a new façade was designed and a 2-level office space was added at the front of the building.

During construction the roof was raised 1.5 meters to increase storage capacity by approximately 27%. Where the roof was raised, it was more cost effective to infill the gap at the back wall with custom glazing instead of blockwork.

Upon completion there was a total of 42 tonnes of waste. Of this 90.97% was recycled totaling 41 tonnes!


Greg Adsett


David Stay, Alana Markie




Tammy Law