Luther Heights Youth Camp

The Luther Heights Youth Camp (stage 1a) is the first stage of a detailed 20-year masterplan prepared by Elevation Architecture for this spectacular site, perched above the Point Arkwright Headland with views over the Pacific Ocean and surrounding Coolum landscape.  The brief from our clients, the Lutheran Youth of Queensland, was, in short, to “create a kick-ass place for kids.”

This initial stage included 96 beds separated into 14 cabins, as well as a large activity space catering for 200 people, a separate dining hall catering for 190 people and a small extension to an existing kitchen elsewhere on the site.  Catering primarily for kids and youth camps, the client wanted spaces that were practical for daily use, connected to the natural environment outdoors, and unique and special, offering kids a fun, safe place to stay and connect with old and new friends.

The brief from the client also requested the buildings be long lasting, with a lifespan of over 60 years. This was a challenge coupled with the extreme coastal environment. The site has breaking surf within 400m, and the salt in the air would mean accelerated rust and breakdown of building materials. Our specification of both indoor and outdoor materials had to be made with extreme consideration to proneness to rusting, while still achieving the client’s desire to make the spaces feel fun and inviting, and not bland.

Managing the project from inception to completion, Elevation Architecture worked closely with the Lutheran Youth of Queensland to bring their aspirations to life in this completed facility.


Greg Adsett