Little Street Apartments

The Little Street Apartments features 12 high end units over six storeys.

Little street is a project which pushed the boundaries of both architecture and town planning.

The site was 642m2 and located on one side of a hill in Albion, which was elevated and featured clear views as there were no buildings blocking them. Despite the site not being of a rectangular in shape, the design used all space to maximum potential. The 18.5 metre frontage enabled various apartments to capture the breathtaking views towards Brisbane City.

The client brief was for an upmarket modern product which, given its premium location, is to suit owner occupiers with larger than normal floor areas. Fantastic city views will be enjoyed by the occupants on the sixth storey roof podium, which features an inviting and large communal area.

Both clients involved in the project were very pleased with the result.


Greg Adsett