Flinders Parade Showroom Warehouse Development

We were approached by the Client in 2017, taking the project all the way through from sketch design to construction.


  • 2 x buildings with showroom and warehouse components (A variety of sizes for the tenancies; Flexible space to suit a range of tenants)
  • Office mezzanines above showrooms
  • Compliant car parking and refuse servicing.

The challenge and number 1 priority for the client was to max out the site cover as much as possible, simultaneously considering the requirement for HRV circulation within the site. We worked in conjunction with a real estate agent to develop and deliver a product that would lease and sell well (every bit of space counted on this one!). The challenge is always to dress these projects up (detailing of the mezzanine facades) without adding significant cost to the construction budget. The client wanted to focus on dressing up the mezzanines, and wanted as much glazing as possible so that the offices would have great access to natural light. We focused on the details of the two front tenancies, recessing the glazing behind the cladding line to create a ‘peeling back’ effect (playing with solids and voids).

Materiality –

  • Client wanted to keep the colour palette simple and timeless: dark grey, light grey and white
  • Client wanted to incorporate timber (we used a timber veneer-wrapped aluminium batten) to soften the monochrome palette
  • Vary the pairings of cladding colours between the tenancies for visual interest (e.g. dark parapet, white trim on one tenancy; white parapet and dark trim on the next).
  • We used Louvreclad vertical louvres to ‘break up’ the glazing, providing visual interest and ample shading for the extensive glazing

Project Pro/Benefit – Client eager and willing to produce key-note development for the area, open-minded, keen to create something special, quality end product, selection of more high-end finishes


Kelsey Warlow


2481.1 sqm GFA