“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.’“ – Rear Admiral Grace Hooper.

Change can be scary and some of us will try our hardest to never have to experience it in certain areas of our life but then again, sometimes change means the opportunity for growth.

In 2021, Elevation was presented the opportunity for a significant change – a location change and all that comes with it! With our lease renewal coming up in 2023 at the Newstead office, it was decided that it was time to look beyond for a space that Elevation could make our own and somewhere that we could flex our innovative minds and to set ourselves up for future work and experiences.

Another reason, potentially the most significant reason we are about to outgrow the Montpelier Road office with 25 on staff and more in process of joining the team.

So, where are we moving to? Great question! In 2021 we settled on a great building on Prospect Street in Fortitude Valley (not too far from our current office space). It is a three-story building with great bones and potential.

Some of our aims and aspirations for the new office include the focus on spaces that add value for not only our team but most importantly, our clients. A space to dream big dreams and be free with our creativity and an environment that will enable us to take our designs to new heights.

When considering the creation of the environment we are hoping to achieve, a feature piece that will be added to the building design is a large, covered outdoor deck on the first level which will enable Elevation to host clients and events in a new and exciting way. This deck area will allow us to entertain at a capacity that we have never been able to before with a large kitchen that flows through toward the deck as well as a good wine fridge (always important) and outdoor landscaping.

Another aspiration we are hoping to achieve (or at least begin the journey into) is becoming a carbon neutral office. This will be a huge undertaking when you consider how much of our normal daily routine will need to be considered and altered. Some opportunities we are looking into with this new space is solar energy as well as cross ventilation so we can cut down our use of air conditioning all day, every day (like our current office space – have you ever noticed that we don’t have any openable windows?)

 We will also hopefully have a fantastic outdoor space at the roof level that will have great views and a space for some respite and rejuvenation throughout the day. If I (Jess) have my way, I am hoping to sneak a veggie patch up there, but we will see.

We are seeing this change as a wonderful opportunity to expand in so many ways as a business, as architects and as people. We also acknowledge the many years that our current office has been a fantastic space that has served our team and clients and we look forward to the future of imagination and creation.

Winston Churchill was once quoted as saying “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” We can’t wait for our molding, progress, and new potential. 


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