Welcome to the new venture into the blog universe by Elevation Architecture. Recently we were discussing a way for Elevation to interact with the wider community and the idea of a blog was brought forward. We thought this would be a great way for our team to update everyone on projects that we have completed, or are in process as well as some fun ‘getting to know our team’ profiles and updates on our revitalised adventure into sustainability and ethical procurement.

My name is Jess, and I am the administrative assistant and driver of sustainability and ethical procurement at the Newstead office.

I recently started with Elevation in July 2021 after a 6 year stint on the Sunshine Coast at Luther Heights Youth Camp. Through an amazing networking situation, I called Greg Adsett on the advice that Elevation was looking for an administrative assistant. During a conversation with Greg and Rachel, I mentioned that something that I am passionate about is sustainability and being more intentional in my personal life about knowing where/why I am making purchases and what I can do to make my change in the world as the climate crisis rages on around us.

While I am new to the architectural scene, I can say that I am VERY excited to be learning about what we can do in the industry today with the technologies that we both already have and are being created, in an effort to reduce waste and ensure that materials are all ethically secured.

So, I am looking forward to learning and implementing and hopefully you will join us for the ride!